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Shipping and delivery

When will you ship my pre-order?

Keezel aims to ship your pre-order within 3 months after receiving the payment for it. We will be shipping a batch of pre-orders every month so depending on how quickly a batch is filled, it may take several months before new pre-orders are shipped. The Keezel is not being sold through other (retail) channels, which means that you will be among the first people to own one.


How will I know that you have shipped my pre-order?

When your Keezel has been shipped, you will receive a notification to the email address you used to place your pre-order.


Will I be able to track the package once you’ve sent out my pre-order?

Yes, when your pre-order has been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information to the address you used to place the pre-order.


How long will it take for the package to arrive once it’s been shipped?

Depending on couriers and your delivery address, once it has begun shipment, it may take up to 2 weeks for your pre-order to arrive.


How much is shipping?

The shipping cost is calculated based on your delivery country during the checkout process and it will be added to your pre-order cost after you fill in your shipping information.


What shipping options are available to me (standard, express, overnight etc)?

We currently only offer Standard shipping, but we are looking into adding more options in the near future.


Can I pick up my pre-order at your office in Amsterdam?

No, the Keezels are all being sent out from our warehouse in Hong Kong.


Can I pick up my pre-order at your warehouse in Hong Kong?

No, we do not have any pick-up options available at this moment.


Can I pre-order a Keezel and then pick it up from a store in my area?

No, the Keezel is not being sold through other retail channels at this time, so picking up your pre-order from a local store is not possible.


Can I change my shipping address?

If you want to change the shipping address for your pre-order, please contact us at


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, the Keezel ships internationally.


Where will my pre-order be shipped from?

Pre-orders are currently being shipped from our warehouse in Hong Kong.