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State of the art protection from malware, ransomware, hackers and snoopers. 

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Award winning security in your pocket.

Keezel offers several layers of privacy and security measures to keep you safe on any WiFi network you want to use. Connect your Keezel to a nearby WiFi and protect yourself in hotels, airports, coffee shops, co-working spaces and even at home.

Keezel is compatible with any WiFi device, like your Android phone, iPhone, laptop, desktop tablet, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire Stick, Roku, SmartTV, Nest Thermostat, Baby Monitor... the list goes on and on!

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• Keezel firewall keeps intruders away from your connected devices.
• Strong encryption covers your privacy and security.
• Phishing filters protect you from account theft when surfing online.
• Adblocking improves your browsing experience and lowers risk of malware infections.
• Keezel’s battery lasts 20 hours and can even charge your phone as a powerbank.

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Over 7500 happy Customers around the World


“I received the device last week and it has been working great. Thank you for the wonderful product!”

Jason, San Francisco 


“I just returned from traveling and using the Keezel. It worked great.”

Diane, New York


“It’s really easy to use, everything is very clear.”

Rob, The United Kingdom

Great benefits for you.

Keezel allows you to enjoy the internet without having to worry.

• Stay more private while going online.
• Be more secure from nasty online threats.
• Enjoy unavailable content using Keezel’s VPN to get access to stream, websites & sports that’s blocked in your region.
• Keezel is powered by an 8,000mAh internal battery that makes it run 20 hours straight. You can also use it to charge your phone or tablet!

Flexible solutions.

Feel free to plug in a USB-ethernet dongle and connect your Keezel to an ethernet cable. Alternatively hook up a 4G dongle in the Keezel USB port and enjoy a secure connection wherever WiFi is not available. (dongles not included in the box)

Or take it one step further and combine 2 Keezels to build your private tunnel. One Keezel at home and take your second Keezel with you. You can now connect to the home-Keezel to securely access your home network & services.

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